In A World Far Away,
To A People Without Hope,
Come Five, Who Dare To Dream...


A Novel
by Trevor Patrick
Blake Yorrick

Two suns rule the daylight,
To give us life and warmth,
The Goddess rules the seas and winds,
And sends Her wrath in storms.
And seven children of Her womb,
Rule the Insularan night,
Seven moons cross the night skies throughout the year,
A sea of stars so bright.
To draw down their Graces, we call them by name,
Children, remember these words,
Who shall call to the Goddess in their hour of need,
Will know that their cry is heard.
Phaltos the azure, a king of the night,
Your Grace to the Goddess you give with your light,
Take our poor hearts in your wandering gaze,
And lighten our labours in all of our days.
Temmon the ancient the truth of the skies,
Your white light reveals all the deepest-held lies.
Protect us from evil, with your radiance and grace,
Maintaining the order of all time and space.
Edron the faithful, through all of the year,
Your light is above us when none else are near,
Make us remember the meaning of friends,
And your orange glow will be with us right to the end.
Kalrab the fruitful, of the Goddess is blessed,
Your warm, yellow light is of womb and of nest,
Of Shava and birth, of plenty and wealth,
You fill us with warmth, and restore us to health.
Bulthos the worker brings forth the bounty of soil,
Of hammer on iron, all the fruits of our toil,
The sun-trophs his children, obey his command,
And hold close his dignity in the work of their hands.
Rygan the reaper, in Onemoon you shine,
Your pale, blue light guides the end of our times,
To bring us in silence to eternal sleep,
Where labours are ended, and no more we weep.
And Mirko the infant, of storm you are born,
Of purest white light on the very first morn,
Salvation and hope of ages you give,
And pure of the Goddess you always will live.

- Ancient Northern Insularan folk song
to 'Draw down the Moons' (source unknown)

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